Customer Training

In Today's ever changing environment, we understand fully the frustration and anxiety of keeping up. That's why our courses are tailored to achieve lasting skills and knowledge, beyond the specifics of a particular software package or piece of hardware which is here today, gone tomorrow.

In addition to providing technological solutions to Industry, VANDENTECH Engineering also believes in equipping our clientele with the skills and tools necessary to adapt to and cope with change. Our investment is first and foremost in people, and we believe that training is one of the most effective and beneficial ways in which to interact with others.

VANDENTECH Engineering has already formulated training packages on other makes and manufacturer's equipment for the purpose of equipping our customers with the necessary understanding to maintain and service their equipment in-house. To save on the cost of moving plant personnel to our location, we can take our courses right to site, or provide whatever other arrangements may be preferred.

O.E.M.'s seeking Professional trainers for their products, or assistance in the production of instruction or user manuals, can benefit from our wide area expertise and teaching skills.

Learn by Hands On

  • Advanced Electronics
  • AC / DC Drives
  • Process Control
  • PLC's
  • Power Electronics
  • Maintenance / Service
  • Technology for Today

Have a specific need ? Call us Today at (905) 892-0215, or write us by Email.

  • Engineers and Technologists
  • Electricians
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Planners and Buyers

... anyone requiring more in depth understanding of electrical technologies

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