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Without doubt, our most traditional services are those delivered to site. We know what it takes to troubleshoot equipment when the heat is on, and almost always in the middle of the night with day old coffee for sustenance. It is in these moments that we find our greatest satisfaction in working one on one with our clients and solving real problems in a direct and meaningful way.

When the problem gets really bazaar, or an intermittent anomaly keeps plaguing production, give us a call. With advanced equipment and systems expertise, we enjoy a good challenge. Years of field experience have taught us that even seemingly non-related conditions can seriously hamper electronic controls, and all the more as system complexity increases.

More than just emergencies, we offer scheduled maintenance on client equipment, as well as Engineering Studies and assessments. On designed systems we offer full site commissioning services upon project completion. VANDENTECH Engineering provides wide application expertise on many makes and manufacturers of electronic controls. For a listing of the typical equipment types we sell and service, visit our Products.

VANDENTECH Engineering can also provide customers with an impartial, third party evaluation of new systems which fail to perform. This can be especially helpful on unique or custom designs where no other working example exists and the client requires an independent opinion. O.E.M.'s seeking product support and representation, can look to VANDENTECH Engineering to provide site services and commissioning of their products, increasing their marketability.

Site services can be arranged anywhere in Canada, and into the United States. On American orders, the client must be prepared to produce the necessary documents in order to clear US immigrations.

Certified by the Professional Engineers of Ontario, we can generally expedite this procedure within 4 hours of receiving a formal letter of request from the client. We will be more than happy to direct and assist the client in this regard.

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To access our Emergency Site Services, or schedule future work, simply call our office at (905) 892-0215, or send us Email at anytime.