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Constantly providing solutions to Industry, VANDENTECH Engineering proudly offers New and Re-Engineered products to retrofit older designs, or enhance system performance.

Seen below is one of our newly released upgrades for the Westinghouse Static Slipsyn Synchronous Motor controller, using state of the art microprocessor technology.


Committed to excellence in High Technology, we are continually upgrading our Advanced Electronic Services and Products.
With the support of the Canadian National Research Council, we are currently Engineering new products in both traditional and microprocessor based designs for use in Industrial Power Electronic and High Voltage systems. Look for new announcements soon to come.


This robust Gate Amplifier circuit can piggy back off any standard drive or pulse generating circuit using either single shot or pulse train triggering. With high input impedance, several units can be paralleled to drive multiple SCR bridges in high current applications, using a single pulse generator. A flexible board design allows the card to be custom tailered to meet specific gate current and voltage targets. Call us at (905) 892-0215 with specific questions or send us email. General specifications include:

  • Ig = 1.0A in 800nS with 1.5A-2A pk in <2 uS for High di/dt applications.
  • Flexible Output options for pulse amplitude and shaping.
  • 24V primary Gate Drive to overcome reverse blocking during turn on.
  • 6 Pulse bridge configuration
  • >2kohm Opto-Isolated inputs, Schmidt triggered, with 15kV/uS dv/dt
  • Output stage - Pulse Transformers, 1kVpri-sec cont., 1800V.uS rating
  • Thermal Resettable fuses per power stage.
  • LED Gate Pulse status indicators.
  • Quick Connects for rapid installation and servicing.

Electronics has become an integral part of most Industrial Apparatus. Knowing the application is an essential part of service and design work. At VANDENTECH, we offer wide area expertise on numerous makes and manufacturers of equipment types like:

  • DC and AC Motor Drives
  • Eddy Current Controllers
  • Furnace Control
  • Generator Systems for
    Ships and Standby Emergency Power
  • Induction Heating
  • MG Set Controllers
  • Phase Angle Controllers
    Soft Starts
  • Plating Supplies
  • Process Controls / PLCs
  • Precipitators
  • Rectifiers
  • Synchronous Motor Field Application
    and Control

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