Printed Circuit Boards


PCB Repair Services

VANDENTECH's printed circuit board repair services have been instrumental in preserving client production equipment long past its natural service life. In the process, we have encountered and successfully resolved defects in client electronics for numerous makes.

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Printed Circuit Repairs

GE SilpacTM, Main Control Card shown here

Working from schematics and other supporting documentation, boards are full-function tested wherever possible by simulating site conditions and signal inputs, enabling us to better diagnosis and fix the problem. By thoroughly understanding the board's function and its application, we can assess the health of board level components better than depending on individual component tests that may fail to detect problems if the board is not energized with the appropriate signals.

Where obsolescence is an issue, knowledge-based troubleshooting allows us to intelligently determine suitable device replacements or recommend alternatives if repair isn’t viable. All our repairs include a detailed report identifying the work performed, test results, and devices replaced. By tracking board repairs, we can identify potential problem areas and failure trends that may require further action.

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Printed Circuit Repairs > Full-Function Testing and Inspection

Reverse Engineering

In the absence of board-level schematics, we can often provide reverse engineering services. Using dedicated software, we photo-image boards and identify their components. From there we then reconstruct the artwork and generate a working schematic for troubleshooting, and depending upon availability of original components, even make new replacement boards where the OEM no longer supports the product.

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Reverse Engineering: Solving the artwork and schematic

Clients wanting to preserve their product lines but unable to find solutions or support from the OEM are invited to contact us. We'd be more than happy to assess your situation and propose a solution where viable.

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Reverse Engineering: Component Identification