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Engineered Products

Can't find replacements, need product enhancements, or looking for an entirely new design to fix a problem? VANDENTECH provides clients with custom board designs and hardware solutions, from printed circuit boards to entire assemblies.

PCB Image 1

Custom Switch-Mode Power Supply with High-Voltage Isolation

Replaced obsolete, Zener Regulated, Westinghouse +/-24Vdc Supply

Our products include high voltage isolated signal transducers, high-power gate drivers, SCR assemblies, Analog PI regulators, and more. Where larger firms cannot afford to allocate resources to building small quantities, VANDENTECH Engineering excels at low volume, high quality, custom solutions. We have even redesigned and built boards for a large fortune 500 company unable to support their own legacy product. We provide a nimble response to niche markets that require flexible solutions simply not available from big manufacturers. Have a design problem? Contact us.

VDT Products Image 2

Left: SCR/Diode Power Rectifier, Right: HV 4-20mA Optical Isolator

System Integration

In addition to discrete level repairs and design, we also assist in system upgrades. Shown below are the before and after pictures of an upgrade made on a local mill's slitting machine controls. The original Emerson/Wer DC drives and auxiliary control cards were obsolete and constantly breaking down. With repair costs and downtime escalating, we re-engineered the system to work with new digital drives from Control Techniques in conjunction with an Allen-Bradley SLC503 PLC and PanelviewTM. Since software functions superseded much of the original hardware, the upgrade reduced the overall footprint significantly. In this steel application, the decrease in electro-mechanical relaying alone greatly reduced future breakdowns caused by bad contacts.

Slitter Upgrade Image

Slitter Machine Control Upgrade with Performance Enhancement

The PLC and user interface control were engineered to include parameter configuration, automatic overrides to inhibit damage from operator error (adaptive algorithms), system diagnostics, loop controls with optical feedback, and other performance improvements. The machine incorporated an unwinder with roll diameter sensing, two loop pits for control of metal expansion, a slitting section, and tension regulated rewinder.
The entire design was pre-tested with as much of the I/O simulated as possible, prior to shut down, to ensure a successful installation with only a two week window in which to remove all obsolete equipment, install the new hardware, and restore operations. Apart from minor adjustments, the machine was back in production as scheduled, and sadly, our lucrative troubleshooting business with this client was greatly diminished from that time forward. Still, it was a rewarding project for all concerned and we are proud to have done it.

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