Custom Design Services

Micro-Processor enhanced replacement for the Westinghouse Static Slipsyn - Synchronous Motor Controller, Annunciator card.

VANDENTECH Engineering offers a wide range of Custom Design and Engineering Services in the Electrical Power and Power Electronics Industry. Services include:

  • PLC programming
  • Research and Development
  • System Integration and Automation
  • SCR control packages
  • Custom Test Floor Design
  • Drive Systems and Motor Control
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Micro Controllers and more...

Using dedicated CAD software, VANDENTECH Engineering will take a PC design from inception, through to the final product. Multi-layered designs, employing a host of options, can be built to suit a variety of applications. Retrofits or replacements of older, obsolete products, can be re-manufactured for continued support of existing installations. With both power and repair expertise, our boards are built with difficult environments in mind, and the need for site serviceability.

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For more information on specific products and our design services, give us a call at (905) 892-0215, or send us Email.